Warranty & Repairs

1. Warranty period for main accessories:

Product Main accessories Warranty period
B5MINI Master control 12 months
Optical flow board 12 months
PTZ camera 12 months
Visual positioning module 6 months
Power system (excluding propellers) 6 months
Remote control 6 months
Battery 3 months and less than 100 cycles
Charger 6 months
Battery Manager 6 months
Frame No warranty period
Chai Ye

No warranty period

2.During the product warranty period, customers with quality problems will be provided with fault videos for reissue of spare parts, and maintenance videos will be provided to customers regarding maintenance situations.
3. The reason for the bombing of the aircraft needs to be analyzed. The customer provides the video of the aircraft crashing and the flight account to the manufacturer to analyze the reasons. If there is a quality problem, the manufacturer will issue replacement parts or return it to the factory for free repair. If the aircraft explodes due to human reasons, the customer will purchase parts for repair or return it for paid repair.